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20+ years of experience in video and digital publishing. Hosting, streaming, development, strategy, OTT video platforms, news apps, design: you name it. We’ve built it.

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A rapid, agile development process that will get your media services live quickly and reliably. Our end-to-end solutions will help cut the clutter in your partner network. And, whether it’s UX design or server management, we tend to go above and beyond. Call us, and there will be no ‘sorry, he just left. Can you try again tomorrow?’ 

Digital Publishing 

You need to get your content to your users. Reliably and securely, while providing a user experience that will keep them coming back for more. We design our digital publishing services to do just that. Any media format, delivered to any platform. Triple is a one stop shop for digital publishing, providing everything you need. From UX design to managed infrastructure services. 

OTT Solutions

Back-end, front-end or both. Custom-built to the highest wow factor, white label out-of-the-box or a combination of the two. We design, build and operate OTT back-ends, digital rights management and CDN integrations for RTL, VodafoneZiggo and many other media companies. Our front-ends provide millions of iOS, Android, pc and TV users with great experiences every day.  

Custom Built or white-label

Here at Triple, the way we do things is just as important as what we do. We build the things others shy away from, because we have the drive to try new things. But only when we have to. 

We have a repository of tried-and-tested building blocks that will probably work for you. This greatly speeds up the process. Do you want all the experience and technical knowledge, without the development project? With our white label, off-the-shelf products you can enjoy our unique capabilities, reliability and dedicated 24/7 support with an unbeatable time to market. 

21+ years of innovation

We know the history of media services. Because we built it. 

In 2002 we were the first in Europe to stream CNN on a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Soon after, we partnered with Vodafone to build their mobile tv offering. We tested our video streams on every new handset released on the Vodafone network, and they have relied on us ever since. 

At the office, we still have an old iPad with the first Film1 iOS app installed. This app started the era of on-demand mobile video. Other achievements in media services: live streaming of a house full of video cameras for the cutting-edge 2006 production De Gouden Kooi and the interactive video experience celebrating the 5000th episode of The Netherlands’ longest-running soap opera Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden using multi-device Automatic Content Recognition Software. A first in broadcast history.    

We were a digital partner to RTL from 2012 to 2020. We helped build the RTL XL and Videoland video streaming platforms, partnering with design agency Wunder to tackle both branding and technical implementation.