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Looking for ways to boost conversion and make your digital commerce business more profitable? It starts with providing a better, user-friendly experience to your customers.

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The challenge you face...

Today’s commerce landscape is complex. To reach customers, you rely on a mix of channels including brick-and-mortar shops, pop-up stores, online shops, mobile apps, web portals, customer service and chatbots. Your challenge is to create a coherent customer journey and give your customers the experience they expect.

Does the look and feel of your payment environment match the rest of your shop? If a customer buys something online, do you allow them to exchange it in one of your offline stores? Is your customer service fully in sync with your chatbot, so the customer never has to provide the same information twice? 

Future-proof commerce solutions like these require smart solutions. That’s the key to growing your business and embracing innovative new business models, like subscription-based ordering. Or loyalty programs that work across all your channels. 

Creating links between your products, services and promotions helps you retain customers and upsell more effectively. So, how do you combine all these touchpoints, solutions and data silos into customer journeys that give your customers what they want and put your business on the path to innovation and growth?

With commerce solutions from Triple, the future of shopping is within reach—for you and your customers.

Linking, integrating and making the right choices

You’ve got big plans for your business. We help you create a roadmap for building the smart, scalable technology stack you need, with a strong focus on your data and analytics. And, because we’re techies through and through, we never see problems—only solutions.

Your customers should never have to deal with poor connections between channels, processes or systems. But that doesn’t mean you have to rebuild your entire system from scratch. We’ll take stock of what you already have and figure out how to fit into your future plans. We specialize in building seamless links between your PIM, customer contacts, transactions and payments.

We also integrate the terabytes of data you have and help you set up marketing technologies and automation. That way, you build stronger relationships with your customers better and communicate with them more effectively.

In addition to designing and building the right solutions for your business, you can count on us for help with: 

  • Choosing the right Payment Service Provider 
  • Selecting vendors and software for front-end and back-end processes 
  • Rolling out marketing technology, technical SEO and App Store Optimization (ASO) to boost your app downloads 
  • Getting more out of the tools you already have 

Your ambition, our solutions

At Triple, we integrate large, complex back-ends with user-friendly, state-of-the-art front-ends every day. We build excellent customer experiences using proven technology that integrates all your data and makes it usable, secure and GDPR-compliant. And we build tailor-made customer portals that give your customers access to all the services and options they need.

As an experienced service provider, we work with all major PSPs and know exactly what kind of challenges you face. What’s important to you is important to us too. We think alongside you to help you avoid setbacks and achieve the best results.

Step one is always to sit down with you and take a deep dive into your future plans and your current system landscape. We create a full action plan for getting you where you want to be. And we determine which steps we’ll need to take to make your business agile and ready for the future. We make your challenge our challenge and work together to find the right solutions. 

Decades of experience

At Tripe, our vision of digital commerce means: 

  • Independent, unbiased advice, without commissions of behind-the-scenes deals 
  • A scalable, future-proof, custom-built platform that supports your innovation and growth and gives your customers a seamless experience 
  • We work with you to determine which off-the-shelf systems fit your platform, so you can quickly roll out A/B testing, marketing automation, fulfillment, analytics and SMS notifications 
  • Expert opinions and a distinctive vision, based on decades of experience 
  • All your data is integrated, secure, available and usable