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We deliver end-to-end data and analytics solutions, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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Data is hard

Data is so powerful, but making the most of it is a challenge. If you’re working across silos with unstructured spreadsheets, and poor quality data, unlocking your business potential will require a lot of manual work. So how do you move from that to delivering a powerful data strategy, with the infrastructure and people power to support it and deploy effective marketing technology?

This is how we do it: 

1. Start. Every journey starts with a first step. Your data journey is no exception. We'll kickstart data-driven thinking in one week

2. Build. Work on launching your Smart Data Platform and facilitate AI and Machine Learning

3. Optimize. You're up and running but you're far from done. We provide managed services and help with your staffing and training, while facilitating data-driven customer experience design and continuous learning for daily growth of your people, your organization and your data maturity. 

We can help guide your data journey from small beginnings to full data platforms with advanced AI capabilities. Using our extensive experience in Azure cloud data management, we start with quick wins, actionable insights and organizational impact to let you take the next step on your digital transformation journey.

Supporting your data strategy

We have supported many clients in optimizing their processes and increasing their  sales. Bringing together data from different sources and systems into one central data platform can generate previously unimaginable insights. 

Examples include the business-critical data cloud architecture of Heineken worldwide, the innovative personal customer experience of citizenM, and the sophisticated player performance insights for legendary football club AFC Ajax. 

We provide our clients with hard-to-recruit data architecture, data engineering and data science skills and support full data governance and data management process. Any change or data request will be assessed for privacy impact. We arrange data processing agreements and approval processes. All built on our experience and industry-leadingpractices.

End-to-end data Management

What sets us apart is our ability to deliver end-to-end data solutions for the insights you need. You don’t need to maintain your own data platform, hire new staff, or manage security. Instead, you can focus on your business objectives and invest in data and business analysts.

These are the people that understand what needs to be done. We are the people that can help you do it.