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Staffing and Training

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You need data and you need data infrastructure. But most of all, you need people. Data by itself doesn’t do anything. It’s your teams, data engineers, data scientists and data analysts. that make the magic happen.

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Recruitment, selection and training

To help you recruit skilled and experienced data specialists, we provide an 8-week in-house training program here at Triple. 

We recruit and select the best trainee data engineers, data scientists and data analysts and set them on a path of rapid professional development.

Our trainees generally have master’s degrees in data science, artificial intelligence or computer science.

After successful completion of this training period, the trainees are deployed to your projects while we support their further development with training and coaching.

Fit for your roadmap

All our staffing and training services are customized to fit your roadmap, ensuring that we deliver people with the skills you need to accelerate your digital transformation.

Make them your own

At some point, you will probably want to permanently hire some of our trainees. We provide this possibility. Just talk to us, and we’ll work out an arrangement.