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What do your users want? Who are they? Our data solutions for marketing will help you recognize and operationalize your user’s footprint. Across channels and throughout the customer journey.

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Handling the data

The effectiveness of your marketing depends on your ability to handle large quantities of behavioral and preference data in real time. Data-driven marketing may not be a new idea, but the latest developments in marketing technology (MarTech) have taken the concept to the next level, enabling software to make decisions and take actions based on data.

Segmentation and AI

MarTech solutions, particularly marketing automation, integrate multiple data sources. This can  prove hugely beneficial to your business far beyond the marketing team. 

Different departments - department marketing teams, customer service, sales, accounts... - usually own different sets of customer information in their own silos. This means that no single team has the entire picture. This will make messaging inconsistent and cause strategies to diverge. 

We can connect your current Customer Data Platform with your content and data platforms to create your unified single customer view and then segment your customers with complex AI integrations and algorithms.

Marketing automation and personalization

We integrate this unified view with your marketing automation setup to power your lead nurturing activities, foster updatedcontact lists, deploycontent where it's most relevant and take action based on user responses. Delivering orchestrated messaging and putting customer data to work is the key to marketing success today.

Steps to success

To get you there, we organize creativity and data-driven thinking in a well-defined process:

  • Establish a clear Problem Statement. What’s the question we’re trying to answer here? And how can we trace it back to concrete data points in the data you have?
  • Hypothesis. Combining expertise, creativity and – of course – data, we create a solution we think has a good chance of success
  • Iteration. Your first idea is never the idea, but you need it to start the process. From there, we experiment, test, measure and use AI to improve on our solution

360-degree view

We know how this works, because we’ve done it before. For an international hotel chain, we connected 15 systems to a Smart Data Platform in their Azure cloud. Booking engines, retail systems, customer feedback, social analytics: the platform makes any metric instantly available to the Business Intelligence department. As a result, each hotel and department now have a true 360-degree customer view. This allows them to always provide the best personal customer experience possible.