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Data Privacy

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Protecting data privacy is vital. It builds trust, preserves individual rights, and safeguards sensitive information. Don't compromise on privacy; prioritize it to maintain security and uphold ethical standards.

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Perfect experience for your visitors

As a brand, it's super important that visitors to your website have a good experience. At Triple, we get this, obviously. We help companies by developing holistic concepts, with the aim of delivering a fantastic experience and added value for their customers. However, we also know that the back end of an application is at least as important as the front end. A sleek, eye-catching website with an impactful experience is great, but there is no point if compliance is not up to standards. Not only is visitors' perception of privacy an important part of their overall experience with your brand, but it also has a major impact on your website's efficiency, speed, and effectiveness.

Compliance complicated? We make Governance, Security & Privacy easy-peasy

The legal requirements for website privacy compliance apply to every website, including yours. Yet many companies do not know exactly what to do to protect their visitors' privacy. Companies may have as many as 15, 50, or even 100 different websites, with various internal and external stakeholders responsible for the content. It can be challenging to make sure all these sites are (and stay) compliant at all times. The good news? We can help.

In collaboration with our compliance partner Nixon Digital, we ensure not only that your website is fully compliant and handles cookies, security alerts, certificates, and analytics optimally today, but that all this remains top-notch for the long term as well. Just so you never have to worry about it. And that the performance of all your websites is always optimal so that your customers will want to come back for more.

Your website performance always in order

Managing the performance of customer-facing websites can be tricky for marketers. Search engine optimization relies heavily on website speed and performance, so it is essential that these are always optimal. We use advanced technology that allows you to continuously monitor how your website is performing. Our platform offers a complete analysis of your website portfolio. This gives you the opportunity to improve the user experience, increase accessibility and boost your SEO.

Real-time monitoring

We use the latest tools to monitor your website(s). Not only to find out whether you are GDPR-proof but also whether the performance of your website(s) is optimal. Whether you manage 1, 10 or 500 different websites. For example, you will know exactly which cookies you are dealing with, as well as which software they are in, and whether they are placed before or after the end user's consent. This monitoring can be done as a one-time check, but we also offer this service as a subscription. So you can be sure that your website is always in tip-top shape.

A clear dashboard shows the compliance status of your website(s) at any time of day. Updated in real time, the dashboard provides a list of prioritized, clear tasks that can be addressed immediately. We manage all this for you, so you never have to think about it. Any issues are resolved before you are even aware they exist, with smart digital solutions that optimize the operation of your website(s).

Who fancies cookies?

Cookies on websites can have several different objectives. There are (re-)marketing cookies that are used to show you targeted advertisements, analytical cookies that are used to collect information about your surfing behavior, and functional cookies that are necessary for the basic functions of a website and, for example, to save login information or remember what's in the shopping cart while you shop. Some cookies provide you with useful information about your target audience, but there are also many cookies that pass on your users' information to other parties. All cookies on your website should be properly tagged so that it is clear what function they have.

Using OneTrust, we ensure that you remain in control of exactly which cookies can be used. Users can always choose for themselves whether to consent to those specific cookies when they visit your website.

Tagging Management - customized solutions

We use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to ensure that your visitors' data is always stored correctly. Your Tag Implementation settings can be the same for all your websites, so they can be set up centrally. An advantage of this is that you only work in 1 environment, and only need to set things once. But it could also be that it is more beneficial for your situation to set up a separate tag manager for all websites so that you can keep exact control over which cookies are implemented on which site and which are not.

GTM also ensures that no additional development or deployment is required when changes need to be made quickly or when tags need to be added to the website. We are happy to advise and support you in this so that you can choose the right solution for your specific situation. Through a smart way of working and adding an additional review step in the work process, we can act as a permanent monitoring partner.

We work with a server-side GTM container, a central repository in the cloud where all data is collected before it is forwarded to third-party tracking platforms. Google Tag Manager is run on this server rather than on the client-server. Instead of adding GTM code to the user's website or application, the container is placed on the server. Through server-side GTM implementation, marketers and developers can manage and update tags without depending on the client-side implementation. For one thing, this makes your site faster, which is important for a good customer experience for your users. But because tags are processed on the server, marketers also have more control over which data is shared with which platforms. They can therefore control exactly what is and is not forwarded. As a result, third parties no longer have direct access to your customers' data. It is like you have set up a ‘filter’ that allows you to protect your customers' data.

All changes always compliant

New websites and applications are, of course, always built compliantly. But the world continuously changes, as does your business. Content changes on your website from time to time. It can be your latest product or service, new vacancies, or the landing page of a campaign. All these updates bring along new challenges. Is your cookie banner in place, are your cookies well documented and are you still fully compliant? It is smart to choose to have all these actions automatically checked and performed via us, so you can always be sure that all elements on your website(s) are fully compliant. This not only gives you peace of mind, it also enhances your customer experience.