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Customer service can be tricky in an age of instant results - especially if your team is constantly dealing with repetitive, time-consuming requests.

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Customer Experience for B2C companies

At Triple, we have been creating Customer Experience Platforms for large B2C service providers for over 10 years. 

Today’s customers expect quick, simple answers to their questions with no fuss. A seamless digital customer experience sits at the core of delivering these. What’s more, your customers have come to not only desire but expect self-service solutions from brands.

Short lead times, low costs

Triple's Customer Experience apps are composable applications: a combination of customization and SaaS. The result: a 50% shorter turnaround time and 75% lower project costs.

Thanks to our large library of reusable back-end components, we can help you deliver a flawless Customer Experience app quickly and on budget. These 'building blocks' can be purchased as a service (OPEX) on a monthly subscription with no large up-front cost. 

You also benefit from continuous live updates to security and user features. 

From there, we’ll work closely with you to integrate your data and build a front-end that delivers for your brand. With low project costs and rapid setup, you can go live in no time.

Lightning fast and reusable

Advanced caching of data in our middle layer makes our apps lightning fast without burdening the back-end, and what’s more, we make it easy to reuse apps within your organization. 

Once the back-end is in place after the first project and data integration has been realised, you’ll have a solid basis for visual design and UX. 

A second app for a new user group, branch or region can therefore be built much faster than the first. 

This even includes internal use. Your own team needs user-friendly access to data and process management, and you can easily iterate an app to this end. For example, to manage buildings and facilities based on IoT data.

Examples of building blocks


Result-oriented conversations between AI and user, based on a CMS and a chatbot engine with extensive analytics as standard. Integrations with external systems are quick and simple.

Customer satisfaction

Measure customer satisfaction without disturbing your user. An AI component analyses texts, analytics, reviews and online comments. This makes it easy to keep track of what your users value most and where they might get stuck. 

Identity & Access Management

Our self-service apps by default ensure that logging on is secure, possibly with Single Sign-On (SSO), and that users only see their own data. 

Security and performance

Without solid security and performance, every customer experience app fails. That's why we always use proven security technology that meets the highest standards. We also continuously monitor the performance of your app. That’s why Triple Customer Experience apps can be used in business-critical processes - even if they process sensitive data.

Challenge us!

This is what our Customer Experience apps deliver:

  • Lower costs from fewer calls to your customer service
  • Your end-user is in control
  • Higher customer satisfaction and increasing NPS
  • Better retention, less churn
  • An advanced platform for personalisation, analytics, data innovations and continuous experimentation and improvement
  • Relatively small investment, short lead time
  • No back-end integration is too much for us. Challenge us!

We are experts in agile roll-out and the improvement of digital customer experiences and self-service. We have tried all the different ways, seen what works, and even made the mistakes then learned from them. 

This means you can go live quickly with an app that makes both you and your end-users happy.