Use your customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction

Use your customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction


e-Ray shines in analyzing your unstructured batch of customer feedback data. Using AI algorithms, feedback is quickly and systematically organized into topics and presented into dashboards. This allows you to improve exactly what your customers are asking for!




How to make use of unstructured customer feedback?

Customers have unprecedented opportunities to leave feedback on your company and services. NPS and CES surveys, app reviews, customer support transcripts, chatbot conversations, and social media channels are all valuable sources of customer feedback.

They may have been manageable once, but now your company has grown and it’s all too much to handle. At some point, there’s a lot of data but no uniform way of analysis to draw the right customer data insights.

Many companies are struggling to draw insights from customer feedback across multiple channels. How does it all add up? Your average NPS score could be a 9 out of 10 for example, but how do you determine your KPI’s to reach that 10 out of 10? How do you pinpoint the right places to take action and improve customer satisfaction?

Draw the right conclusions with e-Ray’s dashboards

Much like an X-Ray seeing through the many different layers of the human body, e-Ray is capable of glancing at all the different customer feedback comments in a given channel at the same time. And in contrast to a human interpreting each bit of feedback subjectively, e-Ray’s AI algorithms draw the same consistent conclusions every time.

e-Ray’s AI quickly and consistently analyses large amounts of unstructured textual data from different channels. The results are then presented in easy-to-read dashboards. With all of your customer feedback data understandable and in one place, the dashboards allow you to pinpoint KPIs to improve performance.

Are customers in certain areas more satisfied than others, for example? Do different partner companies impact your NPS score locally? Is your product viewed favorably, but is customer service lacking? Then those are the areas that require your attention. e-Ray’s insights allow you to take precise action for improvement of your customer experience.

Start using your customer feedback today!

Getting started with e-Ray is easy. All you have to do is to collect the data from your different feedback channels into Excel files and, if necessary, allow us to adjust them to one another. Then e-Ray’s AI will conveniently shuffle your disorderly batch of data into organized and actionable insights. e-Ray’s features include:

Topic Mining

Topic Mining helps you organize your customer feedback, allowing you to manage your business structure more swiftly and intelligently. With e-Ray, it’s even easier to assign those topics directly to your company departments for a clean workflow.

Emotion Scan

Topics across your business are divided by our Emotion scan. With systematic accuracy from our AI, it allows you to interact with either positive or negative feedback on your specific department.


e-Ray’s dashboard is the best way to navigate and explore customer feedback, all while protecting their privacy. The dashboard offers features like: Timelines, NPS per topic and filters. By clustering topics and setting threshold scores, you can easily manage KPIs and identify pain points.