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Effective Business Intelligence and real-time analytics give you actionable insights that drive better decisions. Our Smart Data Platform ensures you have the right data, always.

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Data, everywhere

Data is becoming mission-critical. Hyper personalization and data driven customer experience are now the norm, with different enterprise domains all using data for a different purpose.

For example, dynamic yield management and pricing hold great promise for marketing and sales. Process automation and real-time reporting are lowering costs and facilitating innovation. On top of that, AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis are transforming how business decisions are made.

Business Intelligence and data storytelling

Building reports clearly and comprehensively track your KPIs and goals requires the right data. This needs to be easily interpretable for first-time users while being robust enough to letspecialists drill down into deeper insights. We call this Data Storytelling and it will make your Business Intelligence applications more usable and more useful. 

Smart Data

But where’s your data? It’s on cloud servers, in suppliers’ systems, on your laptop, behind your IT firewall... It’s in your ERP, CRM and
e-commerce, marketing, finance and HR systems... Before you can start using it, you need to get to it.

Your data should let you work smarter, not harder.  You want to spend your time working on achieving your goals, not on manually collecting data across organizations' silos. 

Our Smart Data Platform facilitates this by bringing together all relevant data for your operation. It automatically ingests, processes, structures and correlates data from different sources. This forms a data lake that will eventually support machine learning. 

Real-Time Analytics schedules the retrieval of data from all sources according to your requirements. Timestamping transactions and mutations in your data platform ensures a safe and secure way to process real-time data.

Getting cloud data architecture done

Flexible cloud data infrastructure can take many shapes, depending on what you want to do: upgrade or create a data warehouse, implement a data lake or build a Customer Data Platform (CDP). But all cloud data architecture requires integration, ingestion, aggregation and transformation of data in some form. 

We have all these building blocks ready to go. Quickly, reliably and repeatably.

We bring our own validated architecture model and roll this out through Infrastructure as Code (IaC). 

Working closely with your IT department to find and connect data sources, build the required APIs and secure the new architecture in your organization, we find out what analysts, visualists and businesses need so we can provide it. 

Based on experience

Our experience in building data infrastructures and integrating production systems, ERP, SAP, e-commerce and other data sources gives us a deep understanding of what organizations need. We have development and deployment pipelines, ARM and provisioning scripts in place, making the rollout of whatever you need fast and easy. We handle every aspect of designing, architecting, engineering and deploying your data cloud infrastructure. Afterwards, our Cloud Operations team can also maintain it for you.  


Key aspects of our Smart Data Platform and services: 

  • Our architecture adheres to the Azure Foundations reference architecture for optimal maintainability.
  • Security, privacy and GDPR compliance are an integral part of everything we do.
  • Building, integrating and maintaining stable, scalable end-to-end cloud infrastructures in complex IT landscapes and for multinational companies is what we do every day.
  • We have all the expertise, experience and ability to execute right here, in-house. We don’t depend on partners or external expertise.