Continuous learning
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Continuous learning

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Markets and tech stacks are continuously evolving. So, we too need to continuously evolve and learn. But continuous learning isn't just about staying up to date. It’s also an efficient way of working and thinking.

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An attitude and a process

Continuous learning is both a process and an attitude. We help people find ways to improve both themselves and their products - to own their mistakes and mine these for knowledge. 

Implementing continuous learning, we teach organizations to overcome the initial hesitancy to ‘get out of their comfort zone’ and start fostering a culture of experiments and ‘trial and error’. Do you think you can improve something? Just go and do it! The data will tell you if you are on the right track. 

Creativity + Data

Many companies make decisions based on gut feelings or experience. This creates the risk of the biggest mouth or the highest-paid person getting their way. A data-informed learning culture makes room for everyone’s creativity and enablesthe team to objectively analyse what’s working. The data will also point you in the right direction as to what to try next. 

Finding the opportunities

A continuous learning culture lets your organization learn quickly, but it also lets your people discover new skills and technologies. How about not just improving your apps, but getting more people to download them? In one of the teams we have worked with, developers discovered growth hacking and App Store Optimization (ASO) and worked with marketing to not just improve the app, but its performance in app stores. This led to increased downloads and usage. This is how a learning culture creates results on many levels. 

A shared purpose

To get going, your organization needs a shared purpose: what do you want to improve? Do you want to deliver a best-in-market user experience? Create happier users? Anything goes, as long as it’s inspiring, not just to developers but to the whole organization. This shared purpose then sets you on the path to a continuous learning culture: 

  1. Kickstart your data-driven thinking and find your North Star Metric 
  2. Develop hypotheses, set up experiments and learn from the data 
  3. Set up data governance so data is broadly available, usable and secure 
  4. Continuously develop skills and knowledge and onboard and retain the best talent 

Continuous learning allows you to break free from the tedium of five-yearly organizational change programs because your organization learns and grows organically every day.