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Data Analysis

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Predictive data analysis works with all kinds of data. Use operational data, consumer data, sensor data (IoT) and performance data to optimize your business processes and conversion.

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Optimize your business

Trying to reduce cost by optimizing processes? Or increase revenue by optimizing conversions and marketing effectiveness? Whatever your goal, you need a productive way to leverage your existing data and apply marketing technology and advanced techniques like AI and machine learning.

Growing your business means being more efficient, lowering costs and finding new customers. At the same time, all the things you already do are generating large amounts of data. Your challenge is to bring all this data together and operationalize it. But, as you have probably already found out, the road to a mature data environment that provides on-demand actionable insights is long and full of obstacles. We help organizations like yours by building and maintaining their data platforms quickly, so they can concentrate on business.

Better football

For the biggest Football academy in The Netherlands, we built a predictive data model for injury prevention.  

The system collects data from all sorts of measuring equipment, such as location tracking, visual recognition systems, physiological data, medical data as well as speed and tactical data. A thorough analysis by data scientists resulted in a model with intricate knowledge of the physical condition of players. To prevent injuries, the system can, for example, predict proper training and match workloads for every player. 

Unlock hidden value

Using your own data for predictive data analysis is quite a step beyond rolling out a chatbot or some other form of language or image recognition. Third-party systems often rely on large amounts of publicly available data to learn. When doing your own predictive analysis, you will rely on your own data. We can help you take the right steps towards full-blown predictive data analysis using machine learning. 

We’ve developed several data-based products as well:

  • IMatch: image recognition
  • e-Ray: sentiment analysis through Natural Language Processing
  • Wozzbot: Chatbot AI

At the same time, we provide everything you need to protect your data. From network security to access management and from intrusion detection to disaster recovery.