Kickstart Data-Driven Thinking In A Week
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Kickstart data-driven
Thinking in a week

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Can you get innovative, data-driven thinking off the ground in just one week? Yes, you can. Our kick-start program will do just that.

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One week, four steps

In one, rather intense week, we will walk you and your team through a process of discovery and decisions regarding data and how it is going to drive your decisions in the near future: 

  1. Find your North Star Metric: Your North Star Metric is the one metric all company priorities are aligned around. Finding this will help all the thinking and energy in your organization to be focused on your very purpose. 
  2. Select use cases: What are you going to be working on? Aligning use cases with your North Star and choosing real, concrete optimization projects is what will drive innovation. 
  3. Set up data governance: Your data will be the lifeblood of your innovation process from now on, so you need to take care of it.  
  4. Show and tell: You can’t kickstart change if you keep it to yourself. Communicating your strategy, your ideas and your successes is an essential part of the process of organizational change. 

After this week, you won’t be done. But you will be well on your way towards data-driven success. Does your team work remotely? No problem, we can run this kickstart through video connection and digital cooperation tools. 

What is your north star?

Data-driven thinking starts with determining what it is exactly that you want. By defining North Star Metric(s), top-line metrics that represent mid- and long-term strategic targets, you enable your organization to work with a single guiding metric. That means no more dashboards crowded with contradictory metrics. 

The focus this creates is what makes the magic happen. Distractions and discussions can be eliminated from the process because your North Star Metric will always make it clear where your priority is. This has worked wonders for companies like FleuraMetz, citizenM and Vodafone. 

Pillars of data governance

In addition to finding your North Star, it is essential to define who is responsible for your data and how data effectively can be managed and maintained. To do this, we create and implement a collaborative plan, tailored to your organization’s maturity level and supported by all stakeholders. The plan contains all the important pillars of data governance, establishing clear standards on data ownership, data accessibility, data security, data quality and knowledge sharing. 

Tripled conversions, anyone?

Using this approach, we kickstarted a process of continuous testing and experimentation for one of our clients that eventually improved conversions by 200+%. We have successfully set up a data-informed way of working and data governance for clients like Vodafone, citizenM and FleuraMetz