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You need to process great volumes of data to optimize your business. We help you build the data architecture to get this done.

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Data, everywhere

What’s the common challenge of everyone trying to grow their business, optimize processes or organize and automate accountability? The need for fact-based, data-driven decisions. To achieve this, you need to gather data from dozens of sources and make them usable. 

Data is spread across your organization. It's on your cloud servers, in suppliers’ systems, on your laptop, behind your IT firewall and in all the other systems: ERP, CRM, e-commerce, marketing, finance, HR... 

At the same time, data is becoming mission-critical. The age of hyper-personalization is on the horizon. Dynamic yield management and pricing hold great promise for marketing and sales. Process automation and real-time reporting are critical to lowering costs and facilitating innovation.  

For these reasons, you have made great investments in data capabilities and you have ambitious developers, data specialists and domain experts. They need an enterprise-grade, scalable and flexible platform to build on and to effortlessly process great volumes of data, provided by a partner that knows what they need and truly helps them achieve their goals.

Getting Data Cloud Architecture done

Our Data Cloud Architectures let you consolidate, organize and transform your data to fulfill all current and future information requirements.  

Whether you are upgrading your data warehouse, creating your first one, implementing a data lake or finally building that Customer Data Platform, you need an architecture that will support it, now and into the future. All cloud data architectures require integration, ingestion, aggregation and transformation of data in some form. We have all these building blocks ready to get this done quickly, reliably and repeatably.

We bring our own validated architecture model and roll this out via Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Working closely with your IT department to find and connect data sources, build the needed APIs and secure the new architecture in your organization, we also help analysts, visualists and businesses. By talking to them, we find out what they need so we can set up the infrastructure that provides it. 

Based on experience

Ingest data, synchronously or asynchronously. Aggregate it and transform it to structured data. And then serve it to the rest of the organization for use in AI algorithms, APIs or dashboards. We balance and integrate your entire landscape for better data-driven decisions. 

Our experience in building data infrastructures integrating production systems, ERP, SAP, e-commerce and other data sources gives us a deep understanding of the kind of architectures needed. We have development and deployment pipelines in place, so once you know what you need rolling out a data platform (or multiple platforms) can be handled by our ARM and provisioning scripts. 

We handle every aspect of designing, architecting, engineering and deploying your data cloud infrastructure. Afterwards, our Cloud Operations team can also maintain it for you.  

Some other key aspects of our Data Cloud Infrastructure service: 

  • We ensure optimal maintainability by adhering to the Azure Foundations reference architecture 
  • Security, privacy and GDPR compliance are an integral part of every solution we provide 
  • We have experience building stable, scalable end-to-end cloud infrastructures in complex IT landscapes and for multinational companies. Integrating systems across these landscapes and making it work is what we do on a daily basis 
  • We have all the expertise and experience right here, in-house. Our independence of partners or external expertise gives us an unrivaled ability to execute on data cloud architecture projects