A modern viewing experience

A modern viewing experience

About the project

Film1 is the premium streaming film service in the Netherlands, giving people always the latest and the broadest selection of brand new movies. With the new online streaming service, available on Andriod and iOS devices, users can watch unlimited the latest and most exclusive films on their own terms, wherever and whenever they want. The app also provides the channel Film1 Premiere.


Concept, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development and Machine Learning


Mobile Native Apps released in 2018

Liquid Design

The app is designed and developed around a concept that we call Liquid Design; a new and modern viewing experience. The design feels smooth and effortless and makes it fun to use. Highlighted trailers play automatically on the discover feed and on detail pages and create an inviting viewing experience.

Easy and Personal

Liquid design makes discovering the exclusive offer of Film1 easy and personal by giving subscribers recommendations based on their viewing behavior. Moreover, users can easily search and select content based on a genre layout. The onboarding process, inspired by Tinder, is fun and inviting; users can swipe right and left to indicate their movie preferences.