More stability, more happy listeners

More stability, more happy listeners

About the project

Qmusic is the biggest radio station in the Netherlands and Belgium. Triple has been supporting Qmusic with its audio streaming since 2006. As its popularity continues to soar, Qmusic asked us to build an all-new streaming platform based on the IceCast protocol. We teamed up with AdSwizz on the project to create a stable radio streaming platform with perfect performance and higher ad revenue.


Content Distribution Platform and Audio Streaming


Partners with Qmusic Netherlands since 2006, Belgium in 2022. 

Non-stop stability

Qmusic’s original streaming infrastructure had started to show its age, with buffering problems, dropped connections and listeners who suddenly dropped off the platform. The new platform we created for them guarantees stability, now and in the future—even as the station continues to grow. We also advise Qmusic on which lines they should choose for their connections and then link these directly to our own data center. This keeps the platform performing optimally at all times.

Silence detection and monitoring

Now that we’ve taken over hosting Qmusic’s audio streams, we are fully responsible for availability, stability and performance. After encoding in the studio, the data goes directly to our data center. We monitor the availability of the streams around the clock, every day of the year, along with continuous silence detection. If there’s any loss of connection or sound, we fix it immediately.

Ad injection

By integrating Audio Injector for Servers (AIS) from AdSwizz, we’ve fully automated ad injection for Qmusic. And while the main goal of having a more stable streaming platform was to give listeners a better experience, the technical improvements also allow for more (and more predictable) ad revenue.