Connect & Entertains

Connect & Entertains

About the project

RTL XL has chosen Triple and Wunder to renew RTL XL, both the brand and the digital platform. RTL XL is the streaming video service with which you can watch TV shows from RTL, both future shows and shows from the past. After a strategic repositioning, the team went to work. With 1000+ TV shows, 320 movies, 7 channels and millions of users, this wasn’t a small feat.


Concept, Visual Identity, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development


The RTLXL project was released in 2016

A flexible identity

The renewed platform and brand identity are developed from the vision that RTL XL connects. It makes a connection between RTL channels, programs, stars, multi-channel networks and users. The new style starts with a line which can take any shape, which emphasizes the connection.

The identity is characterized by a handwritten font, warm colours and human interaction. Elements which are all from the core of RTL. The brand identity is colorful and based on the colors of the channels of RTL, but can adapt to any color. This makes the identity responsive and adaptive but at the same time simple and surprising.

Aims to connect

RTL XL has evolved from a catch-up platform to a gathering place for your favorite entertainment. The renewed strategy focuses entirely on the consumer and aims to connect viewers, programs and stars with each other.

The new interface quickly guides people to their favorite programs and discover new content.

A personalized experience

Motion and flexibility is at the core of the identity. The brand and design are as flexible as possible, it can transform and change color to any form necessary to service any one of its 17 million possible users.

The app changes to your preferred color and instead of RTL XL you see your own name written in the same style. This fits with the new approach of instead of just broadcasting, hyper personalizing the content to each of the users. Making the brand and app feel warm and personal and future-proof along the way.