Live and on-demand smart tv platform
Talpa KIJK

Live and on-demand smart tv platform

About the project

KIJK is the streaming service of Talpa Network. The media platform provides access to on-demand broadcasts, live TV, and live radio from Dutch channels SBS6, Veronica, Net5, and SBS9 via the Internet. Additionally, viewers can stream the content of LINDA, Stuk TV, and Gierige Gasten for free. Triple renewed the platform on Tizen, webOS, and Android TV.


UX/UI Design, Smart TV Development. 


Talpa KIJK has been live since December 2022.

Live and on-demand

The new smart TV platform is an extension of the existing mobile app and offers rebuilt VOD features and live TV, as well as a catch-up function. KIJK is available for free to every Dutch citizen thanks to an advertising model (AVOD).

Efficient asset management

Using Triple's clipping tool, new broadcasts and clips can be created within seconds and forwarded to the video platform. This allows for immediate delivery of current content, such as a news broadcast or weather report. Through this method, KIJK rapidly builds a database of VOD files.

Rollout on a large scale

The updated smart TV application is available for Samsung Tizen OS, LG webOS, Android TV, and Google TV. Talpa KIJK has been live since December 2022, and Triple is responsible for the further development and maintenance of older versions.