Taking regional news to the next level
Omroep Brabant

Taking regional news to the next level

About the project

Omroep Brabant is one of the largest regional broadcasters and news platforms in the Netherlands. In 2018, they asked us to build them a next-level, future-proof Content Distribution Platform (CDP) to help them do even greater things with their content. We provided concept, design, development and infrastructure in a fun, challenging and rewarding project.


Concept, UX/UI Design, Mobile-, Front-end en Back-end Development, Content Distribution Platform and Cloud Hosting


Mobile Native Apps and Website released in 2020

Making room for creativity

Omroep Brabant needed a news platform that could execute on their idea of what digital news should look like. The platform they were sharing with other regional broadcasters was not up to the job anymore. Omroep Brabant needed more flexible ways of handling video content and more room for creativity in building pages and mobile experiences.

Building real connections

Regional news is all about close connections with the audience. With the new platform, users can set their home town and see the news that matters to them most. And communication is a two-way street with the new ‘Text Us’ feature that empowers direct communication with the Omroep Brabant editors and turns readers into citizen reporters.

High availability, atomic design, fast push notifications, a flexible layout and a perfect mobile user experience make this a future-proof solution that will allow Omroep Brabant to keep up with audience demands for many years to come.

Cooperation, agility and fun

Our CDP served as a basis for this project, and we could also lean on previous experience with similar projects. Proven technology, cloud architecture and an agile approach enable Omroep Brabant to meet their growth and performance requirements, now and in the future.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Omroep Brabant because of the open communication and productive sessions. As it often does, an agile process proved to be the best way to get to a working product quickly and gave us a chance to provide our perspective on all proposed features.

Together, we created an experience that really resonates with its users. Enter a local delicacy like ‘worstenbroodjes’ or ‘Bossche bol’ in the search box at omroepbrabant.nl or click on the Omroep Brabant logo 5 times in the app and you’ll see what we mean.

Triple understands what we stand for as an organization and, above all, where we want to go. They support us proactively, resulting in a very pleasant cooperation. Both on a professional and personal level. A valuable partnership!
Rik Beekwilder Product Owner, Omroep Brabant

Technical challenges

Creating completely new front-ends for three different channels is always an interesting challenge, but this project had some specific challenges as well. Content migration required dealing with old dependencies on social networks and external video services. Many creative solutions were also needed to migrate existing content to the new styling. Existing SDKs that needed to be integrated included a media player and a cookie consent provider.

Nevertheless, we completed the project on target. To help Omroep Brabant find improvements, a user panel provides regular feedback on the application, which we implement on-demand.

As a digital partner of Omroep Brabant we design, develop and deliver improvements when they’re needed and keep the cloud infrastructure up to date.