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The video consumer is moving to the big screen. With our technique and experience you can offer them top performance and a great user experience.

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Moving to the big screen

Video consumers are spending more and more time on their television screens, via Smart TVs or connected devices. This trend is continuing, and OTT and on-demand providers need to keep up: the big screen is back as the screen of choice for video content.

But a television set has much less computing power than a smartphone, and integrations with remote controls and operating systems make building a TV app challenging.

Fast and unique

We have more than 23 years of experience in media services and are the go-to partner for companies such as NLZIET, Talpa, DPG, VTM GO, Streamz, Kijk and NOS. Any technical challenges you may run into at other agencies have therefore long since been solved by us. We have video players, search, the most essential integrations, and other components ready for you. That way, you can live fast and keep your budget under control. However, we don’t do white labeling or repackaging of standard apps. Smart TV is a market where you need to stand out, which is why we will build you a unique creative concept that will amaze your users and leave your competition in the dust.

Build once, release everywhere

You don’t want to start from scratch for every platform. That’s why you can roll out our apps to all platforms with minimal customization. In our test center, we have most devices physically at our disposal and our development environments are set up to generate different versions for different platforms automatically.

We're technology agnostic, which means that we work on all kinds of technology stacks and are experienced with many integrations for video players and analytics tools. Our platforms are suitable for all big screens that are out there; from Samsung to Panasonic. You name it, we've built it. 

We make television apps that use the latest possibilities when possible, and that adapt to older technology where necessary. This way you will always have both the best graphics, animations and features and an app that works everywhere.

Integration experience

Experience, advice and support

With 20 years of experience in the media world and more than 5 years in smart TV, we have a lot of knowledge in-house. And not just in technology. Releasing or updating a smart TV app is a complex process that can take months. We have all the right contacts at Samsung and LG and have become very adept at it. We are therefore happy to take this off your hands.