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If you're a media company or a broadcaster, you need to get your content to users reliably and securely while providing a user experience that will keep them coming back for more. This is what our CDP does for you.

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CDP for digital publishing

Your content is your business, and your business is digital. We help you deliver on-demand, multi-channel, multi-media experiences. 

Linear television continues to lose ground to on-demand streaming services. In the news market, multi-media, multi-channel delivery is the new industry standard. Traditional delivery infrastructures often struggle to cope with the demands in user experience, speed and availability that come with these changes. At the same time, budget is often critical for media companies, making large IT investments a hard sell internally. 

A content distribution platform (CDP) for digital publishers

Large, extremely expensive off-the-shelf content delivery platforms provide functionality for everything. Most of it, you will never use. We have a better idea. 

We choose to provide you with a solid functional base that can be deployed quickly and is much more affordable. Whatever else you need, we create when you need it. Event pages, breaking news, custom styling for promotions or integration to your CMS: we will always get it done. This will not work in a fragmented landscape of technology partners and creative agencies, so we offer a one-stop shop for end-to-end digital publishing solutions, combining OTT back-end and front-end services, UX design, mobile apps, CDN integration and rights management. But most importantly, we maintain our own solutions to the highest standards of security and reliability. 

Triple developed the platforms in conjunction with our editors and truly listened to their wishes and needs.
Stef Cornelissen Head Online at NH Nieuws

Proven solutions, tailored to perfection

We’ve been leading in digital publishing since 2003. Our content delivery platforms power some of the largest local news networks of The Netherlands: NH Nieuws, AT5 and Omroep Brabant.

When it became possible to build apps for the iPhone in 2005, we built a video delivery front-end, just to see if it could be done. This evolved into our white label solution and, ultimately, into Vinson. We are dedicated to helping you with your unique challenge, but we will always work with our tried-and-tested building blocks to save your time and budget. We will inspire you by showing you new possibilities. And we will always, always pick up phone when you need us.