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With ten years of experience in customer-centric service portals, we are your reliable partner in solving business challenges.

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Self service solutions for B2C service providers

Traditional customer service methods are costly and often deliver unimpressive results. Customer self-service platforms are a cost-effective method that resonates with modern-day customer expectations.

Our modular Software-as-a-Service platform is equally strong fetching data on the back-end as it is guiding customers at the front-end. It’s perfectly customizable to fit your needs.

Why do you need a self-service app?

  • A decrease in calls to customer service
  • Higher customer satisfaction and a boost for your NPS
  • Increased retention and decreased churn rate
  • Personalization for your customers
  • Customers prefer to be in control

Mason "white label" self-service mobile application

Based on our extensive 10-year experience with self service platforms, we created a component-based mobile application that we can assemble brick by brick based on your specific needs.  

Mason is a white label self service application platform that consists of a ‘middle layer’, a catalog of modular pages and components, supported by several ‘bricks’ of functionality. 

Mason Middle layer

Our extraordinary Mason Middle layer uses smart caching of customer data from different sources, allowing for an instant feed of all relevant customer information. No need to search through multiple pages or isolated bits of information, but a single smooth and customer-friendly interface.

The pages and components library 

We’ve selected the most common self service functionalities and made them available on our platform. All we need to add is your custom design and your brand colors.

Using the foundation blocks, the mobile apps for Android and iOS can easily display relevant information and settings to your customers. This allows them to check their own invoice details, update their addresses, or to enable extra benefits. Exactly the self-service options customers are looking for.

Chatbot brick

This brick is a chatbot functionality that allows content editors to easily create conversations between customers and AI. The core consists of a CMS, a conversational engine and analytics, with the added possibility of third-party integrations. Based on demand, new interactions can be built quickly. For example, our chatbot quickly and efficiently handled large volumes of customer service requests at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, cutting costs by foregoing the need to hire additional staff.

NPS brick

Mason’s NPS brick pulls statistically relevant information and learnings from a variety of sources, including texts, reports, app reviews, and comments. The onboard AI has been trained to quickly and consistently analyze large amounts of textual information. This will allow you to closely monitor both what your customers like and dislike.

Access management Brick

The Customer Identity & Access Management brick allows your customers to access what they need, when they need it. Using single sign-on (SSO), customers have a seamless experience across your digital properties.

Security and performance Brick

Security is an important topic when it comes to processing personal data. Mason is using the highest standards of technology to secure data, with a proven track record when it comes to penetration testing. Performance is monitored continuously to ensure the data is delivered as fast and secure as possible. No matter how high the stakes are, Mason has the appropriate security layers.

Mason Image

How can Mason help your organization?

  • Improved customer service and higher customer satisfaction;
  • A reduction in customer service touchpoints results in lower costs and higher efficiency;
  • A higher first-time fix ratio by enabling customer self-service;
  • Your customer service as the front-runner of the organization, instead of trailing behind the necessary organizational changes;
  • No time for development? Mason is a readily available out-of-the-box SaaS. Moreover, your customer data ownership stays on-premise;
  • Data-driven customer insights lead to AI-driven feature development. Implement only what is being asked for by customers;
  • App tracking allows the monitoring of users, mapping their journeys and drawing of insights from easily readable dashboards.

How do we get you up and running?

Our first step is to gather your customer use cases and determine which will benefit you the most. We will match them against our extensive component library and transform these insights into application screens. 

Our middle layer will untangle and translate the information from your backend. Cached data from multiple sources is then processed using business logic (e.g. matching subscriptions and individual usage) to make it presentable and editable for your customer. We will then design the app in line with your brand identity.

Within two months of developing you’ll be ready to hit the app stores and could start noticing potential savings.


Mason is suitable for service providers servicing 500 customers or more, or with 20 customer service seats or more. It features service solutions for the following industries:

  • Telecom 
  • Media 
  • Energy 
  • Fintech 
  • Utility (gas, water, electricity) 
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