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Customer Identity
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Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) gives your end-users access to their digital properties and lets you govern, collect, analyze, and securely store their data.

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Digital Trust

Your customer portals are integral, business-critical parts of your digital strategy. But for users to trust you with their data, they need total confidence in your data security. 

Having users manage their own data online is part of almost every digital business model. This makes digital trust and customer identity and access management part of everyone’s business. Using social login technology combines ease of use with security and helps with easy onboarding of new users. 

A critical project

We are here to help you with specific CIAM needs. But usually, customer identity and access management is part of a larger project. 

When designing and building partner and customer portals, security should never be an afterthought. Instead, it should be the foundation of your solutions. This ‘security by design’ approach will ensure that CIAM is fully embedded in every aspect of your design and implementation, keeping data safe and nurturing customer and partner trust. 

Industry leader

Even though we partner with Akamai and other suppliers, we focus on finding a solution that fits your needs and requirements. That means we will always remain vendor-agnostic and independent. 

We do consultancy and implementation of Akamai Identity Cloud, Auth0 and Azure AD B2C. These are the leading CIAM SaaS solutions right now, but we follow leading researchers like Gartner and Forrester in choosing the top solutions to work with. 

We also implement all the top providers of social login services. We will guide you to the most optimal solution in price and quality and help you increase your customer engagement and brand loyalty.