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Cloud Automation
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Digital business requires constant change. Trends, technologies and markets are evolving rapidly. Cloud Automation and DevOps help you reduce time-to-market and roll out new business models quickly. 

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  • Templated provisioning

    Templated provisioning

    Terraform, ARM scripting, Cloud Formation

  • Continuous Integration

    Continuous Integration

    Deployment pipelines and automated testing

  • DNS service management

    DNS service management

'We need to be more agile'

Everyone’s tired of hearing enterprise leaders say: ‘We need to be more agile.’ Every company wants to decrease time-to-value, stop technical debt from hampering projects and respond to market demands more quickly. But how do you get there? 

A modern, automated DevOps approach lets multiple teams work on the same solution at the same time and roll out new functionality without impacting the work of other teams. 

Using a ‘core-common-dedicated' component architecture, reuse can be optimized. This enables you to launch new features in days, not months. To do this, you will need some fundamental changes to your development and deployment processes. 

Cloud Automation: more than just tech

There is a lot more to cloud automation and DevOps than technology. Your company, like every other company, will eventually turn into a tech company, and you need a tech-driven culture of innovation to make this change. 

Automated, agile delivery of software requires templated provisioning, continuous integration and deployment pipelines and advanced DNS management. 

This is quite a departure from the traditional DevOps approach. Teams and roles are also rapidly changing. 

Developers, IT administrators and team leaders need a new set of knowledge and skills. . To make this change, it is crucial to build a solid partner network. 

Triple DevOps services help you grow

The Triple way of doing things doesn’t just give you the technology to grow, it comes with an innovation-oriented world view. Through cloud automation, we empower your people to kick off cloud projects themselves without the need for third-line system gurus. 

Our ops will join your dev teams and facilitate them by rolling out development pipelines on your tech stack of choice and templated provisioning with Terraform, ARM scripting or Cloud Formation. 

We will also engage your development partners, making everyone and everything work together smoothly. In our DevOps approach, we always strive for full automation.. Our pipelines give each team its own parallel integration environment and facilitate easy provisioning, regression testing, spin-up and cleanup of environments. 

This makes the development process more efficient and effective allowing you to scale your efforts with ease. You will end up with an agile and manageable cloud. Which we can also manage for you, so you can focus on building top-notch customer experiences.