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Our cloud assessment and planning services help you roll out new or existing functionality to the cloud optimized for cost, performance and maintainability.

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Execute on your cloud ambitions

IT departments are busy and cloud skills are hard to recruit. This may cause your cloud projects to move forward a lot slower than you want them to. 

The hyper-scale nature of the cloud requires a new vision for scaling, elasticity, security, and resilience. It completely redefines how applications are architected and delivered. To get your cloud transition up to speed, you need experienced architects that can assess the specific needs for each project.

Phased approach

Migrating your entire landscape at once is probably not the best way forward. So, we usually start by building the best possible architecture for a single project. Using this as a springboard, we implement the rest of your cloud strategy. 

Creating a cloud architecture involves much more than just moving apps to cloud infrastructure. For example, there might already be a ready-to-use SaaS-based alternative for your current app.  Alternatively, you may be able to combine SaaS, PaaS and IaaS for optimal cost, performance and maintenance. Making these assessments on a project-by-project basis ensures that you choose the optimal solution every time. 

A phased approach also creates internal buy-in by demonstrating what cloud migration can mean for productivity and cost control. Often, this ‘soft side’ of cloud migration is a crucial success factor. 

Cloud assessment and cloud adoption framework

We help triple-A brands optimize cloud strategy and cloud-native application design. We can optimize your use of IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS offerings to meet your demands and unique business requirements and help you achieve your strategic goals. 

During an initial cloud assessment, we will guide you through the possibilities of cloud architectures in the context of your current application landscape using our Cloud Adoption Framework. Its main pillars are: 

  • key stakeholder involvement
  • a clear view of the current situation
  • a positive, cooperative spirit. 

Our solutions address every aspect of network connectivity, security, authentication and subscription management, implementing industry best practices and Azure, AWS or Google architecture guidelines. 

Our customers consistently appreciate our highly interactive approach in our cloud adoption workshops