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Effective cloud operations will help you capitalize on cloud benefits, focus resources on revenue-generating initiatives and offload your biggest cost center: inefficient IT management.

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Rock Solid and Flexible

Migrating, fitting and managing cloud workloads is a business-critical activity. Cloud infrastructures support business-critical systems, with often millions of both B2B and B2C users.

These are systems that cannot be allowed to go down, not even for a few seconds, you depend on them for your revenues. At the same time, you need the agility to experiment and roll out new business models. You need an infrastructure that is both rock-solid and flexible.

Fast and Secure

In user experience today, two things matter most: security and speed. Users want a seamless experience with minimal wait times, as well as the confidence that their personal data is secure. 

To provide this, we have partnered with Akamai, world-leading performance and security specialists. We deliver top-of-the-market solutions but we’re much more than a reseller. We always add value with our knowledge and experience.

We've been working with Triple since 2015. Together we're creating and hosting a data control system for the iPad onboard support services (for cabin and crew cockpit devices). Triple is flexible and very cooperative in the fast implementation of our requirements.
Peter van Gent Manager - KLM

Our '25x7' cloud operations service

Our cloud operations services consist of:  

  • Management for cloud infrastructure and networks through our Network Operations Center (NOC) 
  • An established knowledge base of support and help desk technicians 
  • Monitoring and issue alerting on your infrastructure and applications 
  • Ongoing patching and system upgrade service. This includes the on-prem part of your hybrid infrastructure
  • Continuous cloud resource optimization

We pride ourselves on always delivering the extra mile in support. We have the drive to understand your business and platform needs and be a trusted, long-term partner while collaborating with all parties involved with your digital value chain. This is what we call ‘25x7’ support.