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Are you ‘lifting and shifting’ functionality to the cloud? This may be a good first step, but to get the most out of cloud infrastructure, you need to modernize and refactor your applications.

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  • Lift and shift migration

    Lift and shift migration

  • Re-platforming & re-archtecturing

    Re-platforming & re-archtecturing

  • App decommissioning

    App decommissioning

How, when and where?

Cloud migration can make your operations more efficient, more cost-effective and more scalable - but this only works if you refactor your on-premises app into a true cloud app. 

What’s more, notall cloud providers are created equal. Selecting the right one, or even getting an overview of the market, can be a daunting task. This is your challenge as an IT administrator: to determine when, how and where to migrate your on-premise applications and reap the full benefits of cloud infrastructure. 

This requires the knowledge, skill and experience to split existing apps into components that can then be containerized or mapped to existing off-the-shelf functionality. 

Cloud done right

Re-architecting and modernization unlock the potential of the cloud, yielding shorter time-to-market, increased continuity and possibly lower cost. 

Cloud-native solutions enable horizontal and vertical scaling and can leverage regional and/or global redundancy and availability. The secret to achieving this is usually in plotting a phased migration. But there is no standard playbook for this. 

We always make a plan that fits your needs, based on years of experience with all aspects of cloud migration. A transition this major has implications for your organization that requires robust change management. Our experience and ability to execute will help you do this effectively and efficiently. 

Our cloud migration services

Using a referential architecture that was co-developed with the major public cloud vendors, we use an objective selection process to arrive at a best-fit cloud vendor and setup.

This ‘lift and shift’ will help you hit the ground running so you can re-platform and re-architect to become an industry leader. We also help you decommission and replace apps that won’t be supported by your new infrastructure. 

Security, by design, is integrated into everything we do. We provide you with the people and knowledge you need and our above-and-beyond service mentality will help you complete your migration, usually within months.