OTT Platforms: Back-end Solutions
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OTT Platforms:
Back-end Solutions

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Our OTT back-end platforms help you scale, control cost and build extraordinary user experiences while protecting your content with world-leading DRM solutions.

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  • DRM


    Protect your digital assets
  • Ingest


    Distribute your content in many formats
  • CDN


    Fast content distribution
  • Dynamic Packaging

    Dynamic Packaging

    On the fly packaging of latest formats
  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Manage, protect and monetise your content
  • Low-latency streaming

    Low-latency streaming

    Near real-time distribution of live content

Our OTT Platform, the smart way to grow up

Scaling and controlling cost are key concerns when choosing an OTT platform back-end. In media and video streaming, you are always looking for ways to grow. But to grow sustainably, you need a platform that will grow with you.

For time-to-market and time-to-value, you can’t beat a ready-to-go solution such as Vinson. If you have specific needs, a custom solution based on the experience-tested building blocks from our growing repository is probably the better answer. We aim to provide a one-stop-shop for ambitious content owners, aggregators, broadcasters and media companies, providing design, implementation and full-service functional and technical maintenance of adaptive and flexible OTT video platform back-end solutions.

Smarter OTT Origin Services

You need your origin services to be reliable, flexible, adaptive and interruption-free. We know, from two decades of experience, what needs to be done to get you there and large video providers like Ziggo Sport Totaal and Sony depend on us for their services.

Our OTT origin services offer a wide variety of packaging and DRM formats. Redundant setups and the best CDN service there is provided for a stable platform to provide your customers with high-quality adaptive bitrate streams (ABR) without any interruptions, allowing your users you stream video to all common platforms, such as Android, iOS and various Smart TV’s and set-top boxes on demand. We are happy to provide a back-end to any of your present and future front-ends, but we specialize in building end-to-end solutions that combine OTT back-end, front-end and CDP.

Triple is a pleasant professional company to work with, and they proactively think along. Even in the evenings and weekends, a quick & adequate response to malfunctions when needed. We have been working together in great satisfactions for years.
John van der Putten Director Production & facilities ZiggoSport

DRM Platform: Protect your valuable assets

If you want to protect your high-quality content from piracy and unlicensed viewing, you need Digital Rights Management (DRM). If you distribute licensed content, practical but rock-solid media DRM is the core of your OTT platform. 

There currently is no universal DRM flavor, so we need to leverage the optimal approach for every device. To do this seamlessly, we operate our own DRM platform, offering Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay. This ensures optimal protection of your content everywhere. The platform integrates with your CMS or app back-end to verify all conditions for approving a license request, be it financial, geo-based, device-based or regarding the network connection.