Triple is a full service digital agency
We design, develop, optimize and host.

Concept & Creation

We look at our concepts as living entities that are relevant, likeable, adaptive and always spark a conversation. We help position brands in our lab and invent concepts and products we love just as much as our clients do. Our ultimate goal is to create human design that leads to the best user experience.

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We develop software for digital products and platforms that deliver on design and on functionality. Triple has adopted a cross-disciplinary and agile approach. By testing early, we ensure that our concepts are feasible and we strive to improve continuously.

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Technology Operations

What is a great online campaign, application or infrastructure without a smooth performance? Triple is an Internet Service Provider that delivers high quality housing, high performance solutions, cloud services and 24/7 managed services. We also provide additional live support for important events, for example live TV broadcasts.

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We are pretty good at



We like to inspire with our creativity, combined with years of experience in developing business critical concepts that actually work.



Together with our clients, we create strategies and put dots on the horizon. We define opportunities and brand positioning for the product or the entire company.

Product Development

Product Development

We develop lean and reliable code using the latest tech and innovations. We are pretty nerdy when it comes to developing. But we’re business savvy nonetheless.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

We are able to continuously optimize your products by analyzing user data and report on this. After all, the most important thing to know is: does your solution work?

Hosting Services

Technology Operations

On our servers or in our cloud: with dedicated and virtual servers available at any time and 24/7 support by our operational team.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

We strive to connect development and operations, in order to establish a process where building, testing, and releasing can happen rapidly and frequently.


Our work makes us proud. It’s the proof of what we do. We’ve pulled together some of our best concepts for you.

Development Projects

We’re not hard-core tech guys. We look at technology through the eyes of normal people. These are the brands we’ve developed for.

Radio 538

Interactive, visual radio experience

Our technology partners

Some of the biggest brands signed up for solid cloud services, consultancy and dedicated 24/7 support. Want to join too?