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What would you rather see fail? A 200k tech project or a 10k experiment? What if you could just do 10k experiments until you hit a revolutionary new business model? This is what a disruptive strategy can do for you.

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Strategy consulting, Triple style

Digital business is both customer-centric and technology-driven. Incorporating these philosophies into your company's core is a fundamental shift in strategy.

Because markets are digitizing, and you need to catch up. We help companies get this done. So, yes: we do strategy consulting. And no, we don’t wear suits and we don’t write big reports. Or, as we like to put it: less PowerPoint, more action. 

Beating competitors, large and small

Huge worldwide enterprises have set their sights on local markets. At the same time, new startups with plenty of funding, no technical legacy and an innovative culture are after your business too. Keeping up requires you to rethink everything, from your IT landscape to your team culture. Experimenting with hyperpersonalization, data-based product development and new digital business models will keep you in touch with your market. Launch the experiments, learn from the data and build what your market wants from you. This is the way to stay ahead of the competition. 

Where to start?

There is no standard approach to disruptive strategy, but there are three more or less standard approaches: through data, through building new teams or through rapid prototyping. Taking a fresh perspective on your data, you can create new business models, powerful personalization, better customer satisfaction and a more human digital experience. 

Another way to start is to start by building your teams, creating a culture of learning and innovation. Having the right people in the room always creates opportunities and ideas and if you give them the tools and the trust to execute, great things will happen. 

A third, extremely fast route is to validate your ideas with prototypes. Direct communication with your customers will, embedded in the right process, show you the future of your business in a matter of weeks. 

Reduce risk and cost

Don’t know where to start? We will show you. We use industry-proven frameworks and workflows to set you on a path towards digital leadership: 

  1. Determine data maturity level. An audit of data availability, data quality and how your teams work with data. This tells you what your next step should be towards a data-informed process of continuously validating new concepts. 
  2. Rapid validation of concepts. We set up a hypothesis-driven way of working to run experiments and validate new concepts quickly within a week. 
  3. Establish data governance. Meanwhile, we work on organizing data ownership data accessibility, data security and data quality.
  4. Create awareness, support and enthusiasm. To truly become a tech business, you need a company-wide drive towards digital innovation. This is achieved by promoting successful use cases internally, sharing data across silos and create a collaborative plan that directs all the energy and brainpower of your organization towards your digital ambitions and goals.  

Taking these steps, you will learn how to use low-code tools and the techniques pioneered by the Lean Startup movement, the growth hacking community and Design Thinking, reducing the cost and risk of building something the world has never seen before. 

example: out of home

Hyper-personalization has hit B2B and out-of-home marketing. At the same time, B2B companies are transforming from being product-oriented to being service-oriented. Working with market-leading companies, we have managed to develop new models for personalizing B2B offerings and providing out-of-home materials that suit the needs of different client groups or even individual clients in brick-and-mortar retail, events and hospitality. Using the data available, we have set up e-commerce channels that enable clients to assemble out-of-home experiences that fit their operation, audience and business model for better customer satisfaction. This creates new opportunities for generating revenue throughout the supply chain. 

What we can do for you

It’s your transformation, so tell us what you need: 

  • Mindset training. We will show your people the power of thinking in possibilities and growth through experimentation and learning. 
  • Digital strategy consulting. We guide you through restructuring your organization, culture and toolset. 
  • Rapid validation of digital concepts through customer interviews, rapid prototyping or questionnaires. 
  • Advice on any aspect of customer-centric innovation and technology-driven innovation. 
  • Agile development. We work for you, we work with you, and we help you build your team. 

No endless meetings, no 400-page reports. We deploy actionable, operational knowledge to validate the most important assumptions first and achieve your goals in practical, manageable steps. . It also assures maximum results with minimal risk. Come on the journey with us.