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IT has become central to your very purpose. To fulfill this and guide your business into the future, you need your own agile teams. We'll make sure you have the right culture, people, tools and processes in place.

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Embracing true growth

A good, agile tech team consists of true engineers: people that take pride in product quality. People who love to develop things people love to use. People who want to move fast and grow, and who embrace a culture of change, learning and fun. 

If you’re not yet plugged into this culture, it can be hard to recruit the right talent to transform your organization. Yet, it is the only way to build shorter time-to-market, exponential growth models, and true agile development with lower risk and higher efficiency. We have been doing agile for a long time, so we know what we’re on about. 

Take the next step up

We will not show up empty-handed. We bring a set of best practices and tools rooted in years of DevOps experience to augment the processes and tooling that you already have in place. Together with your teams, we will expand and improve your continuous integration and development pipelines, integrating with Jira, Git, Azure DevOps, Slack or any other tool in your workflow. 

The goal is to automate what can be automated to eliminate human error and the frustrations of repetitive work. Automated provisioning through Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and automated regression testing free up time and energy for connecting with other teams and customers and working together on things that add value for both the business and your people.

Less complexity, more speed, more data

CI/CD gives you the power of parallel test and deployment of features. Now, every change can be tested, accepted and deployed to production without interfering with other people’s work, dramatically reducing complexity and improving time-to-market. Data collection is another important piece of the puzzle. Logging, monitoring and collection of usage and behavior data, test data and app performance data should be part of any good development pipeline. 

Recruitment and Learning

While we work on your development process, we’ll also start the process of finding talent and shaping the culture that you want to build in your company. We rework the way you present yourself as an employer and build your teams, bringing in new voices and perspectives. Multi-talented personnel with tech skills and the creativity to boot. We challenge everyone to challenge themselves and learn and evolve. Open sharing, data-based decisions and learning from experiments will be the new norm. This new way of looking at recruitment and collaboration will inject a growth mindset into your organization. 

Are you ready for the future?

In the first phase, we will do most of the development as we help you recruit more and more digital talent to fill your own teams. In a spirit of collaboration and continuous exchange of knowledge, we gradually transfer responsibility to your own people, collaborating and supporting them. At some point, you will be ready to go at it alone. 

Getting results

Over the years, we have helped several clients set up better tech recruitment, helping them find and onboard the talent their teams needed for higher creative and innovative output. Giving large companies better speed of execution and better time to market improves not only the customer experience but also the lives of employees and contractors. Solutions that do both tend to have the greatest impact: digitally empowered front-line workers provide better service, better quality and are generally in a better mood, making business and work more fun for everyone.