Triple launches Kibbel app in collaboration with famous Dutch content creator couple

Triple launches Kibbel app in collaboration with famous Dutch content creator couple

Dennis Kroonenberg
Dennis Kroonenberg 19 Apr 2023 - 2 Min read

Today Triple and content creators Kalvijn and Nina Warink launch the mobile Kibbel app. The app uses an innovative 360° swipe system to provide conversational content for any situation or company.

The development of the new app grew out of years of collaboration between Triple and Kalvijn. The result is a conversation starter full of thoughtful questions and statements. Kibbel puts an end to awkward silences and easily encourages couples, friends, colleagues, family, and other groups to start new conversations and learn more about each other. Is the company ready for extra excitement? Then they can switch to "spicy mode", where questions become even spicier and answers even more engaging.

The project's focus was to create a mobile app that starts real conversations, eliminating other smartphone distractions. We accomplished this by making users feel as if they are playing with a real card game. Users can swipe cards 360 degrees through the screen and the card stack decreases as more cards are dealt. When the pile runs out, it is reshuffled. The deck provides endless conversations and hours of entertainment.

Technically complex, easy to use

Kibbel is easy to use and full of attractive animations and beautiful transitions that make for a flawless experience. However, the 360-degree swiping, splash screen, and pull-up feature made the project technically complex.

The app was built in React Native, making it compatible with Android and iOS. In addition to developing the app, Triple was also responsible for the website, whose look and feel blended seamlessly with the app's design.

Influencer management at Triple

Triple manages Kalvijn's management and provides support at daily and strategic moments. We help choose sponsors, pitch ideas, work out creative collaborations, and handle legal matters. This allows Kalvijn to focus fully on what he excels at, creating content.

Want to know more about our influencer management services or want to develop a mobile application together? Get in touch, we'd love to talk to you.

Download Kibbel from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.