The renewed Ziggo Sport Totaal platform is live

The renewed Ziggo Sport Totaal platform is live

Anna Janknegt
Anna Janknegt 17 Mar 2021 - 1 Min read

The new Ziggo Sport Totaal apps (iOS and Android) and website are live. Over the past 6 months, Triple has been working closely together with the Ziggo Sport Totaal team and TDE agency to update the complete platform. 

Triple has been responsible for the streaming platform, API Management, Hosting, mobile-, web- and back-end development of the renewed Ziggo Sport Totaal platform. 

After years of working successfully, the Ziggo Sport Totaal OTT platform needed a tech refresh and a new look through an updated design. The renewed platform focuses on viewing pleasure and ease of use. 

To further improve the user experience, we’ve built several integrations with systems, such as payments, a television guide, match information and video clips. 

The wishes of Ziggo Sports’ customer service team, editors and marketeers have been translated into a new CMS with custom functionalities. 

Do you want to experience the renewed Ziggo Sport Totaal platform yourself? Download the app (iOS and Android) or go to