Total compliancy, automated
Nixon Digital

Total compliancy, automated

About Nixon

Nixon Digital helps you gain insight and get a grip on your complete digital landscape. Nixon deploys a platform and specialist knowledge to discover, structure, control and optimize web applications, reducing security and privacy risks, but also provides unprecedented new business opportunities.




Checking compliancy on 100s of websites

On launch day, a website or app gets all the attention. But who keeps an eye on it in the months and years that follow? Do you have digital properties languishing beyond your vision, possibly causing not only a broken user experience, but also privacy risks, security problems and legal liabilities? Nixon will guard all your digital properties, all the time.

A B2C company will, over the years, build up a digital landscape spanning thousands of websites and apps. Launched by different departments, maintained under different governance regimes and built on different technologies, manually enforcing compliancy across these digital properties is hard. Nixon starts by mapping what you have and then checks whether it meets legal demands and your current standards regarding hosting, encryption, certificates, cookie consent, performance and backup status. The Nixon scanners will also tell you which social media pixels are installed and where the data is collected.

Stop worrying about privacy and security

The benefits are obvious: instead of hunting down web properties by hand and checking all these factors individually, you get the complete picture automatically. And not just in reports. Integrations that trigger Jira, ServiceNow or ZenDesk make the results of the scan instantly actionable. Is an SSL certificate about to expire? Don’t worry, someone’s on it.

But Nixon is much more than a tool. The Nixon specialists use the data gathered to analyze trends, find sources of non-compliancy build you a complete compliancy strategy and help you implement it. Now, you can sleep at night, knowing that every digital asset you own or create complies with all relevant demands, always.