The best office experience for your employees
Finch app

The best office experience for your employees


The Finch app lets your company culture thrive. It's designed to boost employee engagement and create a better, more efficient working experience. It keeps your teams connected and lets them easily manage important tasks like reserving office space. Plus, it serves as a video-sharing platform, events calendar, employee directory and more.




The Finch app: From our office to yours.

At Triple, we wanted to find a way to create the best office and workplace experience ever. That meant creating a place where everyone feels at home and engaged with Triple, working from the office or from home. The result is the Finch app. We developed it for our own office and we can’t wait to share it with you too.

Your digital homebase

Your company culture has a big influence on whether a talented new employee chooses to work for your company or one of your competitors instead. Attracting and retaining top talent isn’t just about offering the right job description and opportunities for personal growth. It’s also about fostering engagement, keeping your teams connected and offering attractive perks. How do you create those conditions now that most of your staff are working remotely? How can you still keep them feeling connected with each other and engaged with your company?

The Finch app is all about boosting employee engagement. As soon as you open the app, the dashboard shows you at a glance where your colleagues are, whether there’s free space in the office today, who’s celebrating their birthday and what events are coming up. And the video module even lets you share videos of company events, tutorials or other content directly with all your colleagues. The Finch app is your company culture’s digital homebase.

Flexible, fun and personal

Thanks to its attractive look and feel and personalized approach, the Finch app is an ideal platform for remote working. You can fully customize it to match your brand guide, plus you have the freedom to choose which modules and layout you want the app to have. At Triple, for example, we’re using a coin module, which is a gamification feature that encourages our team members to be employee ambassadors. Incentive systems like this have a positive impact on the engagement of your employees.