The biggest esports platform in the Dutch-speaking market
Esports Club

The biggest esports platform in the Dutch-speaking market

About Esports Club

We are the founders and technical masterminds of Esports Club, a platform run by a group of highly passionate gamers and content specialists, combining the in-depth analysis of content creators with the professionalism of mainstream journalists.




Built on Triple infrastructure

Esports Club is a Triple venture which started out as a cooperation between our esports specialists and a number of experienced professionals from within the games journalism industry.

The platform was built with in-house technology developed by Triple and combines a headless frontend and backend. It’s one of the most technologically advanced websites in the Triple portfolio. This combination of great technology and great ideas is what’s currently driving Esports Club’s expansion.


Uniquely in-depth about competitive gaming

Esports Club is currently the number one destination for in-depth news, guides and background stories on esports games in the Dutch-speaking market. Instead of covering all news on all games on the surface, Esports Club offers comprehensive coverage of esports news, matches and teams on games such as Call of Duty, CSGO, Fortnite, FIFA, Rocket League and PUBG.

Moreover, the editors provide the best guides to help gamers improve on their favorite esports games. Because what’s better than reading about your favorite esports players winning? Learning some of their tricks yourself!

A valuable solution for top brands

Esports Club’s formula appeals to more than just the website’s visitors. Brands know that producing the right content that resonates with an esports audience is challenging. Visitors to a website or channel are quickly put off when they notice superficiality or a lack of familiarity. Brands and media are often limited to general news about esports games, while only actual players truly understand the details surrounding game guides or game updates.

This is where Esports Club can boast another success story: they’re the top Dutch B2B esports content creation professionals! Esports Club editors are currently producing comprehensive esports content for a number of high-profile clients, including Red Bull,, eDivisie, Gladi8tor, and H20 Esports Stadium. Members of the editorial team all specialize in one or two game titles, which they can cover in-depth on a level that truly matches the audience’s expectations.

A successful platform with global ambitions

Esports Club is packed with high-quality content that’s already attracting 100.000 unique visitors monthly, making it the biggest esports platform in the Dutch market. The team is planning to further increase these numbers and to expand its range of clients. Moreover, the first steps for going international have already been taken.