Triple in top 250 scale-ups The Netherlands

Triple in top 250 scale-ups The Netherlands

Benjamin de Kruijf
Benjamin de Kruijf 3 Feb 2017 - 1 Min read

Very proud that Triple was picked as one of the fastest growing scale-ups in Holland by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. Between the loud noise of big companies such as, Adyen and CoolBlue, we might seem small. But when it comes to persistence in making the world a little more beautiful with great products and great services, we obviously matter. So thanks to all the great people working at Triple and thanks to all the companies who have been working with us over the past years. They are making it possible for us to continuously grow better and bolder every year, and we promise to do so in all the years to come.

The ECE released the following statement regarding the list:

The Top 250 Scale-ups 2017 (Top 250 Groeibedrijven 2017) is based on our ScaleUp Dashboard, which is an annual research into Dutch scale-ups conducted by our Academic Director and Professor Corporate Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Prof. dr. Justin Jansen:

“The ScaleUp Dashboard is the first list that truly takes into account and measures all companies in the Netherlands with more than 10 FTE. There are more lists about scale-ups available, but those give limited insights because companies have to register themselves or the lists are focused on specific sectors. Insight in which companies truly belong to the Top of scale-ups is missing and that is what we hope to achieve by creating and launching this Top 250 Scale-ups (Top 250 Groeibedrijven) – of over 3000 scale-ups – in the Netherlands.”

2017 is the first year that the Top 250 Scale-ups (Top 250 Groeibedrijven) is published and it is launched together with nlgroeit in presence of Queen Máxima on January 23rd, 2017.

See the entire list here: