Triple first strategic partner of Sisense in The Netherlands

Triple first strategic partner of Sisense in The Netherlands

Fleur Lievendag
Fleur Lievendag 11 Oct 2022 - 2 Min read

Triple has become the first strategic partner of Sisense, a business software company, in The Netherlands. Together, we will further strengthen our expertise in consumer-side data visualization, embedded analytics and storytelling.

Sisense offers an embedded analytics solution that enables businesses to deliver data-driven insights to customers through the power of interactive analytics within applications and workflows. Sisense can be delivered as a fully white-labeled and customized stand-alone application. Another option is embedding Sisense’s dashboards and widgets into a website or application using iFrames, the Sisense Embed SDK, and the SisenseJS library for a seamless user experience. This means businesses can provide their users and customers with Sisense’s analytical capabilities, such as reporting and visualization, built into business applications and solutions.  

Triple is both a reseller and a supported partner of Sisense. In addition, we train our data scientists to be able to work with the tool. Triple uses Sisense’s tool for customers who want to offer data visualization on a large scale as a service to their end user. This could include a self-service app in which data is visualized but the business does not want to use, often expensive, custom integrations. Since it is a white-label platform, businesses can easily apply their own corporate branding. The end users themselves can work with the data and make combinations using widgets.

Due to its embedded analytics and white labeling, Sisense is the ideal tool for businesses that want to bring data visualization and storytelling to their users. Daniel de Vos, Head of Data Solutions at Triple
I am excited to be working with our new partner Triple and for the Sisense platform to be a part of their innovative digital solutions. They have a strong focus on delivering data insights to their customers to help understand the customer journey and experience. John Campbell, Director of Partnerships in EMEA

Learn more about Sisense and Triple and get more insights about Embedded Analytics and Data Storytelling in our inspirational session on November 10, 4:00 pm CET. Read all event details here and visit the website of Sisense.