Salta Group optimizes chat support with AI-driven Next Level Question Answering

Salta Group optimizes chat support with AI-driven Next Level Question Answering

Dennis Kroonenberg
Dennis Kroonenberg 29 Feb 2024 - 3 Min read

Triple helped education provider Salta Group optimize customer support for visitors to the NCOI site by expanding their existing support tool, "Wozzbot," with AI-driven Next Level Question Answering (NLQA). This advanced chatbot platform answers questions in conversational style, with responses based on NCOI's knowledge base. This enables visitors to get the answers they're looking for more quickly. Additionally, support staff have more time to assist visitors who still wish to be helped personally.

Salta Group comprises various educational providers, including NCOI, Boertien Vergouwen Overduin, ISBW, Luzac, Scheidegger, Schoevers, LOI, Markus Verbeek Praehep, Computrain, Bestuursacademie, NIBE-SVV, SRM, and SkillsTown. With 25 organizations in 8 educational domains, Salta Group empowers over 1 million people annually by helping them gain knowledge and skills. To be able to help their students and answer any questions they may have before, during, or after their course or training, quick and effective assistance is crucial.

Alkmaar-based Triple worked closely with Salta Group on the implementation of the Wozzbot add-on. Visitors have the freedom to ask random questions in their own way. To answer these questions, the GPT 3.5 model from Azure OpenAI is utilized, which has access to NCOI's knowledge base consisting of website pages and numerous PDF documents. Although the risks of working with data may deter companies from choosing such a solution, there is no need for concern. All data fed to the bot is pre-approved and remains 100% under the control of Salta Group.

Wozzbot has a basic understanding of human emotions and can respond accordingly. If the user and the bot not manage to find a satisfactory answer, it will hand over the conversation to a human colleague. The initial results are positive. Starting from March 1st, questions to NCOI will be answered via Wozzbot and Next Level Questioning. Visitors will be served more promptly, and the telephone help desk will have more room to personally assist visitors as needed and take the time to do so.