New single app launched for Vodafone & Ziggo customers

New single app launched for Vodafone & Ziggo customers

Dennis Kroonenberg
Dennis Kroonenberg 14 May 2024 - 3 Min read

From today, customers with contracts from leading Dutch communication providers Vodafone, Ziggo, or both, can find all their contract information in the new Vodafone & Ziggo app. This includes details on products, invoices, and services, all in one place. The app also provides information on the benefits of VodafoneZiggo’s priority customer program and various entertainment tips.

This self-service app marks the fifth iteration developed by Triple as the main partner for Vodafone. It consolidates two of our previous apps (My Vodafone and MijnZiggo) into a single brand app. The Vodafone & Ziggo app is developed with React Native and NodeJS.

In one place

The new Vodafone & Ziggo app offers various benefits in one place, allowing customers to view and manage contracts, balances, and invoices, and chat 24/7 with customer services. It also notifies users of outages and will continue to expand its features for added convenience. The app simplifies ordering streaming services, adding channels, and managing monthly services, while also providing entertainment tips and access to the priority program for exclusive benefits at events and giveaways.

For more details, visit the official VodafoneZiggo press release.