Digital transformation of the Cobouw platform
Cobouw Bouwplatformen

Digital transformation of the Cobouw platform

About the project

Cobouw has been the leading news source for the construction industry in the Netherlands for 160 years. For this brand from VMN Media's portfolio, we renewed the project portal: Cobouw Bouwberichten (Cobouw Construction Reporting). With its fresh front-end design and expanded functionalities, the new platform is ready for the future.


UX/UI Design, Web & Mobile Development


The revamped platform was launched in 2023.

State-of-the-art technology

Cobouw Bouwberichten underwent its biggest revamp in over twenty years. We completely rebuilt the platform based on new technologies and significantly improved loading performance using Elasticsearch and asynchronous data loading.

Fresh design, updated functionalities

The revamped features a modern front-end with the site's familiar branding. We developed the platform to be mobile responsive, so users can always access it on the go. In addition, we optimized the overall user experience, including new search and sort options. As a result, users can find their way among the information on over 400,000 projects faster.

Seamless data migration

One focus of this project was a seamless migration of the entire user database. Since 2002, Cobouw Bouwberichten has been managing and providing online data on projects, tenders and organizations to a wide range of stakeholders in the construction industry. The database covers more than 200,000 organizations and has a history of nearly 1.5 million filter results. Frequent visitors to use more than 6,500 filters and 160,000 favorites for their regular searches.

VMN Media and Triple's Technical Operations department set up a runbook and extensively tested the platform to ensure a flawless go-live. The data migration retained all customer data, allowing users to immediately find their familiar searches. In addition, users now log in from an external system, allowing accounts to integrate seamlessly with other platforms under VMN Media's management.