Mobile app as a central role in the business model

Mobile app as a central role in the business model

About the project

Parcel delivery drivers sometimes deliver as many as 200 to 300 packages per day. PostNL wanted to better support its employees in this task. After a rigorous partner selection and a Proof of Concept, Triple was given the opportunity to develop a new mobile app. The result: increased revenue, fewer incidents, enhanced insights for clients, and full offline availability.


UX/UI Design, Android Development, Back-end Development, Testing, Application Maintenance


The PostNL 'field services next' app was released in 2022

Delivery is a complex process

Delivering a package is much more than just driving around and ringing doorbells. Collecting signatures and verifying ages are also responsibilities of the delivery driver. Specialized delivery services, which also work with PostNL's apps, also assemble furniture. These are complex processes that we had to support seamlessly, providing a perfect experience for the delivery driver, the client, and the recipient.

Fast and agile

In a three-month Proof of Concept, we demonstrated our agility and speed. We also showcased how effectively we could collaborate with the involved parties: Schuberg Philis (Backend development, DevOps, and support), Informaat (design), and, of course, PostNL itself. We also demonstrated that we possessed the right technology for this app and for a project with speed and data as core requirements.

The first version was delivered in a few weeks, providing a perfect foundation for continuous improvement based on user data. During the ongoing development, we continue to work closely with all stakeholders and conduct user research. One of our developers even dressed in PostNL colors and went on a delivery round, first using the old app and then the new one.

Smart data connection

PostNL's operations must always continue. No delivery means no revenue. With the new app, delivery drivers can always work, even if they have no network connection all day. We achieved this through a smart data integration with the existing middleware. As a result, all technology meets the highest performance and scalability criteria while protecting PostNL's core business.

All necessary information automatically flows back to the back office. Therefore, clients always know the whereabouts of their shipped items. Because what's inside those packages is their revenue.

Better work, faster innovation

The new app is easy and intuitive for the delivery drivers to use. We built interactive lessons into it, eliminating the need for traditional classroom training sessions with PowerPoint presentations. At the same time, the support department receives fewer inquiries from delivery drivers. The number of incidents involving packages has visibly decreased, and the software development process itself has been radically improved. Consequently, we can build and roll out new services for PostNL faster and more flexibly.