The ultimate fan experience for EURO 2024
The ultimate fan experience for EURO 2024

The ultimate fan experience for EURO 2024


In the run-up to the 2024 European Football Championship, KNVB and Triple joined forces to launch an updated version of the KNVB Oranje app. Triple handled the front-end and back-end development of the new digital experience, as well as translating the new KNVB corporate identity to the app. This collaboration aimed to take the fan experience to a championship level.


Front-end development, Back-end development


The mobile app was released in march 2024.

A solid base for the Oranje fan experience

Soccer is as much about the matches as it is about the total experience. The revamped KNVB Oranje app is designed to become the beating orange heart of the fan experience. Flexible content templates allow editors to present interactive content in different ways. At Triple, one of our key technical principles for every project is to enable our accounts to be flexible and future-proof, based on a solid technical backbone. Therefore, we chose to develop the Oranje app in MACH architecture. The app uses the latest technologies to provide fans with a unique experience.

Whether it's live scores, match statistics, or exclusive content, the app offers everything an Orange fan needs. In addition, fans can share and communicate their own experiences through the app, for example by sharing where they will be watching the next match with the ‘Waar is het gezellig’ (fan finder) functionality, creating a close-knit and engaged fan community. This concept was designed and developed by Triple and makes it relevant for the user to use the app more often. Additionally, this platform provides a smart opportunity for the KNVB to create first-party data.

Working as a team

During the direction phase, Triple mapped all technical requirements and wishes, resulting in a functional design that accurately followed the new KNVB brand guide. The interaction between the technical inventory and the functional designs made it immediately clear which functionalities were feasible for the 2024 European Championship. This phase laid the foundation for efficient and effective cooperation between all parties involved.

The collaborative approach was based on constant coordination and communication with the KNVB teams, which ensured a shared understanding of the required quality. We also created a vision that the app should be a personal tool that binds the Oranje fan and enables KNVB to build a future-proof fan base that brings value to their partners.


With a successful soft launch kick-off during the Netherlands - Scotland practice match in March 2024, the app has already reached thousands of users. This marks the beginning of a promising journey towards an even larger and more engaged fan base during the European Championship.

Future phases

After the European Championship, Triple will continue to work with the KNVB to develop new activations aimed at various audiences. The app will continue to grow and evolve, with the goal of building a future-proof user base that represents value for both fans and KNVB partners.