A fun and easy lease app for CarNext.com

A fun and easy lease app for CarNext.com

About the project

CarNext.com is a leading European marketplace for flexible mobility solutions. Working side by side with CarNext.com, Triple envisioned what the future of car lease should look like for customers. We used this strategy to create a new mobile concept, and eventually developed an app for iOS and Android, utilizing the proprietary, data-driven car lease model of CarNext.com.


Concept, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development


The CarNext.com lease app was released in 2019

Swipe right for your next ride

The app offers consumers an easy, fun and interactive way to help find a car of their needs and tastes, using Tinder-inspired swiping interfaces, high fidelity photos, 360 degrees visuals and subtle animations. A user swiping through car and lifestyle preferences quickly establishes their needs, swiftly narrowing down the selection of cars. Once the user selects a car, they are only a few steps away from leasing - without visiting a car delivery store!

De app verandert de manier waarop mensen auto's voor lease vinden. In een leuk proces zijn ze enthousiast over de auto's die worden aangeboden, terwijl we hun voorkeuren peilen door hun swipegedrag, waardoor we ze beter begrijpen terwijl ze blijven voortbewegen.
Jan Wouter Kleinjan CPMO - CarNext.com

Intense co-creation

The apps are built with the popular React Native framework, allowing us to simultaneously develop iOS and Android apps. Importantly, the apps are the result of an intensive co-creation process. In just a few weeks' time, both teams worked side by side for a prolonged time, to pressure-cook design and development in perfect alignment with the needs of CarNext.com. The app was localized from the start, to serve the European client base, and is currently available in six languages and soon many more.