A scalable service for TCO reduction

A scalable service for TCO reduction

About the project

ANWB needed a scalable service that would lead to a TCO reduction. They needed flexibility in adding new functions on their websites so they could respond to social circumstances and weather changes instantly.


Hosting, TCO Reduction, Support


Partnership started in 2012

Hybrid Platform

Triple offered ANWB a basic solution: we created a private virtual cloud, which made it possible to scale up and down per month. This way ANWB can easily respond to weather and other trending issues. We delivered a hybrid platform with dedicated customer services to stimulate growth and ease the control of their own applications.

The platform is built in a way it can handle high traffic in extreme periods. Thanks to the up and downscaling, the website has no problems with high traffic – for example during snow peaks, an extreme weather period wherein the website is visited mostly. Anticipating quickly in these kinds of periods is guaranteed.

Our on-site service and relationship with ANWB are very characteristic for Triple. With customer intimacy as our highest priority, social aspects like sailing trips and weekly visits to the ANWB office include our package. New members of our team are always introduced to the ANWB keep the personal aspect at stake.

TCO Reduction

ANWB is the most visited website of the Netherlands. It has more than 4 million unique visitors a year and around 800 million page views. It consists out of 40 Java/Linux and 10 .NET/IIS applications.

Triple’s solution helps ANWB to lower costs: a substantial TCO-reduction has been achieved due to the scalability option and the pay-per-use deal. The site manages to stay live during busy periods and proves to be a stable environment.


Even before Triple and ANWB decided to work together, Triple came with a solution that helped ANWB at a crucial moment. We delivered ad hoc support by bringing ten servers in the air, so ANWB could precede their survey among their members. The solution included urgent action and a dedicated team to realize this.