The next generation white-label mobile TV

Triple's spin-off company Vinson provides a white-label mobile TV solution for broadcasters, content aggregators and distributors that want to provide their customers with the best-in-class user experience of live TV and video on demand on smartphone and tablet. Vinson launched in February 2013 and is currently selling their solution across the world.
Vinson includes a complete set of features to enrich live and on-demand TV, such as time shifting to any desired moment and a deep social integration that allows users to discuss and share TV moments with friends. Vinson also includes a full featured TV Guide to easily browse channels and programs, and an additional catalog for video on demand.
Het Nederlandse Vinsontv, een spin-off van Triple IT, heeft in Barcelona een white label-app gelanceerd voor omroepen. De app verpakt video in een aantrekkelijke interface. “We mikken vooral op bedrijven die nog weinig doen met mobiele video.”
Remember “mobile TV”, whatever that was? No we don’t either, but that’s not about to deter new startup Vinson which is launching their new mobile OTT (Over The Top) TV app on iOS for broadcasters, content aggregators and content distributors at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Essentially this is watching live TV on a tablet, with the full TV guide, plus PVR/time-shifting, plus “social” features for shared watching experiences. They’ve basically crammed a vision of the future TV into an app, and it looks pretty good.
A new iOS app from startup Vinson has come along to challenge this notion. Can a company — even one co-founded by Layar’s founder and ex-CEO Raimo Van der Klein — make mobile television relevant again? You be the judge.
Vinson CEO Michael Plein explains that he was “not satisfied” with current mobile TV solutions, which he says are “simply not good enough”. Instead, the company offers its own app and a white label solution — which allows companies to build their own versions of the Vinson app without any license fees — designed to simplify the process for broadcasters, content aggregators and distributors.
We created Vinson back in 2008, being bored with the normal TV and video consumption. We had a lot of knowledge of building mobile TV eco systems because it was our core activity providing all its components, except for the user front-end. Luckily, Apple released the iPhone along with the SDK that allowed us to relatively easily build a user interface to showcase our technology. We combined the features that we had developed in-house, such as time shifting from live TV, together with a user interface that we believed to be stunning. Vinson was born!
We believe in the power of a living interface. That’s why we always aim to make them tangible by simulating a control with real-life objects. If it doesn’t feels right it’s wrong and we don’t even bother to code it. Result is that we put much effort in tweaking animation and sometimes this means a lot of iterations back to the drawing board.