Create, Edit & Publish clips from your livestream instantly

Create, Edit & Publish clips from your livestream instantly

About SpotOn

Our SpotOn clipping tool empowers TV & visual radio broadcasters to create, edit, and publish clips from their live video content in a few seconds to all their social media channels and platforms.




Make clipping accessible for everyone

We believe everyone can create clips with SpotOn, whether you are a beginner or an expert and work for a startup or a company with lots of live video content. That is why we founded SpotOn on three pillars: make clipping easy, speed up the process, and reduce clipping costs. As a result, broadcasters such as Ziggo Sport, Talpa, NPO Radio, and RTV-Noord use SpotOn on a daily basis.

With SpotOn we produce more short-form content from full games and we can do this more effectively and efficiently.
Henk van Niekerk CEO & Co-founder

Everything you need in one tool

SpotOn is a cloud-based clipping tool accessible through our webapp. With our super friendly interface, you can easily grab specific moments of your livestream. Brand your clips by adding pre-rolls, post-rolls, and overlays or resize clips to optimize them for your platforms and channels. When you’re done, publish clips directly to your social media pages, FTP, or Custom API endpoints.

7 million people reached

The perfect validation of SpotOn came when Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 in Barcelona. It literally took the Ziggo Sport editor less than twenty seconds to grab a perfect passing maneuver of Max Verstappen and to publish it on the Ziggo social channels. Within two days, the clip had reached over 7 million people on Twitter and Facebook. The social media channels of Ziggo Sport grew, the total reach rose more than 300%, and grew organically with thousands of followers each time new content was posted.