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Strategic Innovation Accelerator

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Validate key assumptions that might derail your strategic initiatives. Transform your organization, drive innovation and get a clear picture of what your customers and users actually want.

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Forming solid foundations

You want to start developing a new platform or business model, but this requires a large investment. You also have the feeling that a lot of assumptions have been made on how this idea should fit your customer. Assumptions can become very costly if they are wrong. Our 3-week Strategic Innovation Accelerator process removes those uncertainties and forms a solid foundation on which you can develop your project even further.

Strategic Innovation Accelerator Triple

Get moving, start building

Our Strategic Innovation Accelerator process will give you a clear perspective of all hidden assumptions and a quick way to validate the ones that create the greatest uncertainty and risk. It also injects your organization with new knowledge and culture and empowers your teams to make future projects equally successful. 

These high-paced projects are a chance for internal innovators to show leadership and transform company-wide thinking about innovation, strategy and digital development. They can be a lot of fun and bring a lot of energy. But initially, they also create uncertainty, ambiguity and at times - we have to admit - chaos. If you persevere, you will experience the calm of knowing you are on the right track afterwards. 

Accelerator Process

Accelerator process

This is the innovation accelerator process: 

  • In week 1, we seek to understand customer needs and find the riskiest assumptions in your plan. 

  • Week 2 is for building multiple prototypes to test these assumptions in experiments 

  • Customer feedback in week 3 helps us decide to iterate or pivot (or kill the project and try something else) 

After mere weeks, you will have a prototype of something you know people will want and use. Your development teams can now start work on an MVP and roll out to users or customers with confidence. Or we can build it for you, of course. 

The way of working we introduce with this first project will change mindsets and kickstart innovation all over your organization. This is what will truly accelerate innovation and creation. 

  • Deal with uncertainty

    Deal with uncertainty

    Validate risky assumptions and eliminate unanswered questions from your plans 

  • Fast


    Actionable feedback in just 3 weeks. No dependencies upon existing systems or procedures 

  • At a fraction of the costs

    At a fraction of the costs

    Cost-effective prototyping lets you test assumptions without investing in full-scale development 

  • Flexible proces

    Flexible proces

    Validate a strategy, a visual identity, a business model or anything else 

  • Empower your organization

    Empower your organization

    Give everyone in your organization eas-to-use tools to validate concepts and ideas

  • User centered

    User centered

    Quickly find common ground uniting business and user

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Strategic Innovation Accelerator help me with?
The Strategic Innovation Accelerator will help you validate a new business model or a new strategic direction and lays the groundwork for full-scale development and rollout of new solutions and business models.  

How long does a Strategic Innovation Accelerator process take?
Between one and three weeks. 

Will this work in my very large organization?
Our process was built with large organizations in mind and we have applied it at Ebay, Heineken and citizenM. 

Is the resulting prototype enterprise ready? 
Almost. All prototypes will serve as a basis for further development of either a successful MVP or a strategic transformation. In addition to being the spark that starts a cultural transformation, the Strategic Innovation Accelerator is almost always the stepping stone for a large-scale strategical project. 

Who is the Strategic Innovation Accelerator for?
Do you want to create change and lead the way to a more customer-centric, more successful future? Do you have a flexible mindset and an open spirit? Then the Innovation Accelerator is for you. You need access to some budget, but you certainly don’t need to be the CEO. 

Which tools do you use?
Rapid prototyping with Figma, Sketch, Framer and or Principle. No or low code development with Bubble. And focus groups and user interviews in live sessions or platforms like UsabilityHub.