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With Omnichannel Solutions, we provide products and services focused on the customer journey of the future, allowing our partners to better serve their customers while gaining valuable insights.

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Customer expectations

Customers expect a seamless experience over the various touchpoints. 

From retail to hospitality and from B2B to B2C, customers expect the same experience wherever and whenever they interact with brands. It doesn’t matter whether they’re visiting a store, using an app, talking to a sales assistant, or visiting a website: customers expect the same look, feel and service across channels and international borders.

Brands that deliver a seamless and consistent cross-channel customer buying experience have been proven to attract more loyal customers. This extends to a brand's touchpoints on e-commerce platforms, such as Bol.com or Amazon.  

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Data and customer satisfaction go hand in hand

Combining cross-channel data improves customer experience. 

Omnichannel (or unified commerce) solutions are a brand’s key to attaining satisfied customers. Why isn’t it enough to just have an app and a website? Traditional multichannel solutions focus on just ‘ticking off’ a brand’s presence on multiple channels, but they’re falling short when it comes to truly creating a consistent cross-channel user experience. This prevents brands from optimizing their next steps in the customer journey.  By contrast, omnichannel solutions are aimed at detailed customer journey mapping, unifying customer data from various touchpoints, measuring customer satisfaction and generating holistic customer insights.

By tying together all of the different channels effectively, brands can greatly improve customer loyalty. For example, what if data from online purchases were used for in-store recommendations; what if customers could check a store’s inventory from their smartphone; or what if purchases from e-commerce platforms such as Amazon could be returned to a brand’s store? A seamless omnichannel integration unlocks the power of customer data for all different touchpoints.

For us as a club, it is important that we can build our digital future on the basis of trust and flexibility. Triple's role in this is admirable and provides a stable and innovation-driven foundation for the realization of our digital roadmap.
Amsterdam Testimonial
Pim Jenniskens Product Owner App & Web - AFC Ajax

Triple guides you from concept to execution

Let our years of experience work for you. 

Convinced of the value of an omnichannel approach like we are? Great! However, working out your omnichannel solutions strategy can be a daunting challenge without the right technical knowledge.

Luckily, Triple guides you. We help our partners with anything from strategic research and goal-setting to working out the details with cross-channel UX-design or web and app development. Examples of the services we provide include the following: 

  • Conducting technical alignment reviews. Is it possible to reach strategic goals using the current technical assets?
  • Consultancy on how our partner's customers can have a seamless experience regarding the various UX touchpoints.
  • Scrutinizing data collection using app and web solutions for GDPR-compliance. This ensures data can be used to actively improve customer service and for improved customer satisfaction.
  • Connecting the digital and live areas of the customer journey. Our Wozzbot can take care of any remaining customer questions regardless of the touchpoint, including warm handovers to a live agent.