The week of Roben Laan


When I arrive at nine, I start my week with a standup with Concept & Creation, that’s how we call our design and concepting department. This week I’m working on the MyVodafone app for VodafoneZiggo, which has become my regular project since December 2017. On average, I spend four days a week working on the design for Vodafone. When I'm working on the project I sometimes get out of inspiration. If that happens, I take a little break. By trying to get a fast lap time with Formula 1 on the VR Playseat. This helps me clean my mind.


Also today I’m full focus on the design project for VodafoneZiggo! After that, I stay the evening at work for Tropical Tuesday. That's an evening that is organized every Tuesday. During this evening people can work on their personal projects or when it’s needed, can work on work-projects that they are behind on. Tonight, I’m working on the WeAreBees website for our new Beehive project that we started recently at Triple. I Develop and design the website all by myself. After Tropical Tuesday, I travel to Maastricht and spend the night there. klein2.jpg


Every Thursday, we organize a ''Vodafone Weekly'' with the Triple team. During this meeting, the developers, scrum master, account manager and the test team comes together to reflect on the project. We often discuss how we can transfer projects more effective, how we can be more involved with each other and how we can become a better team. After this meeting, I rush home to change clothes for Crossfit.


This week I’m in a nice workflow what means that I’m done with my work when it is Friday in the afternoon. Now I’ve got time left to spend with the Triple Bees. I’ve been keeping bees for eight years, it started as a hobby with my father but recently it’s also part of my work at Triple. We received our first two bee colonies in April this year, now (September) we have five hives and counting! I spend time with the bees at Triple in my spare time, whenever it works out with my schedule.

Thanks for joining my week!

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Roben Laan


"If I had asked people what they wanted, They would have said faster horses - Henry Ford"