SXSW Interactive 2016
What will we bee seeing at SXSW
We are heading out to SXSW again. These are some of the talks we will be attending and why.

By Robert Overweg.

Design and design thinking is becoming increasingly important in the world of technology. John Maeda’s previous slideshare  already had quite an impact and gave guidance in what is happening. This year, he will present an update for 2016.
Design and tech report

During this merger of design and technology, it is important to create pleasing beautiful experiences. 

I hope to gather some interesting insights here: Designing Happiness and, Do Design: Why Beauty Is Key to Everything
I'd also like to hear one of my heroes talk: Chris Milk. Milk manages to use technology in a beautiful way in his creative outbursts. 

A Conversation with Chris Milk
When the merger of design and technology is complete, we will all have fulfilling digital experiences. Then we can focus on using technology to accelerate or facilitate change:

We the People: Using Tech to Solve Big Challenges

The above description of a merger of design and technology. Adding happiness to experiences, beauty and human interaction. And finally, giving back through technology is how I see the market maturing and how we want it to change.
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